Intermediate Childcare Certification 

This intermediate childcare certification programs builds your caregivers career with  specialized training targeted towards children of various ages, from newborn to infants,  toddler, preschool and elementary school aged childcare. 

This training program is 100% online with on-demand faculty-taught classes.  


Topics Covered  

  • Newborn Care: Focus on newborn and infant development milestones, holding,  feeding, diapering, soothing, common ailments and early detection of illness and  discomfort. 

  • Toddlers: From the ages of 12 - 36months, children begin to walk, engage in  receptive and expressive communication, and are developing social, emotional,  and reasoning skills. This course focuses on developmental milestones (physical,  cognitive, social and emotional) and creating an age-appropriate daily schedule. 

  • Preschool: Preschoolers are developing their basic life skills, independence,  and knowledge they will need as they transition into their school years. This  course reviews developmental milestones (physical, cognitive, social and  emotional) and how to prepare preschoolers for kindergarten. 

  • Sleep Training: This course teaches sleep science and provides tools to help  children ages 6 months and up develop healthy sleep habits. The course  provides practical ways to overcome sleep challenges and introduces sleep  techniques including the 5 S’s, no tears, pick up and put down, fading, and  strategic napping. 

  • Children and Music: Music helps the body and mind work together. This course  introduces appropriate song literature, provides tools to teach music, and  demonstrates musically integrated activities for children of different ages. 

  • Children and Art: Arts and crafts help children develop mentally, socially, and  emotionally as well as boost self-confidence. This course focuses on how art  helps develop critical thinking skills, pre-reading and writing skills. Practical tips  are provided to implement art in the home. 

  • Nutrition for Children: Food plays a significant role in the health and wellbeing  of children. This course teaches the components of nutrition, how nutrition affects  health, food allergies, and the nutritional needs of children by age. 

  • Advanced First Aid and CPR  



  • ∙ Adults – ages 18+ 

  • ∙ Prior experience working with children 


  • Min. 80% mark in written knowledge evaluation 

  • Attend and participate in 100% of the course 

Total Tuition & Fees


Time to Complete:

25 hours 



  • Intermediate Child Care Certification  

  • Introductory certification in Standard Child Care First Aid 


Completely Online