Who Makes a Good Babysitter?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Babysitting requires a lot of effort, love, and creativity to be effective. The babysitter needs to understand the basics, how and when to keep the child engaged, and what to do when there's a problem. Whether the babysitter is experienced or a novice, I have listed below 7 tips to make you or your nanny a good babysitter.

  1. KNOWING THE BABYSITTER’S OF COMFORT - Before you decide to babysit or hire a babysitter, you need to know your limits and your comfort levels or that of the babysitter. To start with, are you or the babysitter comfortable around kids? If yes, what age groups are you or them comfortable around? Or how many kids can you or they babysit at the same time? This might sound trivial or unnecessary, but this information will make you decide if babysitting is for you or not. In saner climes, a babysitter or nanny will have to evaluate him/herself, speak to psychologists and take psychological tests to know their comfort level and if they can cope in any setting but this is not the case in naija so it necessary to ask a potential nanny or babysitter these questions to avoid stories that touch in future.

  2. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION – A lot of times, we hire nannies of babysitters and we say, ‘oh! They are so quiet’. Being quiet is not a bad thing but you need a babysitter of nanny that can communicate effectively. You need a nanny that is bold enough to ask you questions about your baby, including special or dietary needs or be able to approach you when they challenges carrying out their duties effectively or if they have any concerns with the baby, the home they work in or their home back home. By maintaining the interaction flow open, the babysitter establishes confidence with the parents which indicates that they wish to ensure the baby will be protected and happy.

  3. EXPERIENCE – It is critical to have an experienced babysitter watch over your baby. The main goal of a babysitter is to keep the baby protected which implies knowing what to do when issues or emergencies arise, and you can only get this from experience. The experience doesn’t have to be from a previous job, it could be from babysitting a sibling or siblings or from a training received on babysitting.

  4. ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS - Young children function better with formation and regimen, a disorganized babysitter will disrupt the routine of the baby and become an ineffective babysitter. The good news is, being organized can be thought by creating and maintaining day planners for the babysitter to execute however, the bigger question is, is the potential babysitter teachable? Will he/she unlearn his/her old ways and relearn yours? That’s what you should look out for in place of organizational skills.

  5. FUN LOVING - It may appear simple to fascinate a child by putting them in front of a Television, a computer monitor or an Ipad but a decent babysitter, however, may involve the kid in other functions that are engaging and fun so you need to look out for a playful and fun loving babysitter. First, understand the parent 's house guidelines about fun activities. Then plan out which practices are best done to keep the child engaged and also have fun. Also, if the child you care for has a disorder, make sure you learn how to involve them in other games.

  6. RESILIENCE - Children will usually test and push boundaries, it is how they learn and grow up so you need a babysitter who is resilient, be hard when he/she needs to and be soft when necessary so the child can learn. How do you check the resilience in your potential babysitter you may ask and my answer will be to give him/her a case study and see how they respond.

  7. ATTENTION TO DETAILS - Children are prone to risks but inside and outside the house. It's not sufficient to be equipped for an incident but you need a babysitter that is careful, vigilant and has attention to details to mitigate as much as possible the risks that can result in an incident. A babysitter that ignores a slippery floor just because she is not the cleaner will not be there when your child slips and trips from the slippery floor.

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