Specialist Childcare 

The Specialist Childcare Certification program is designed for caregivers with additional  household management and family assistance responsibilities.


Specialist Childcare graduates gain insights into special needs childcare, special diets,  and expands leadership skills. 


In a home setting, additional responsibilities may include managing a weekly schedule,  picking up grocery, preparing meals, administering medication, or other functions  needed to be a Family Assistant or Household Manager. 


In an employment setting, additional responsibilities may include supporting education  or leading group play activities.  

Topics Covered  

  • Special Education: This course introduces childcare providers to different  types of special needs, tools that can be used with children, and how to be an  advocate for young children with special needs and their families 

  • Baby Sign Language: Most babies can sign before they speak so parents  are using baby sign language to boost communication. This course teaches  why and how to use baby sign language, when to teach signs to babies and  teaches you the most common baby signs.

  • Teaching Social Skills: This course provides tools to teach children how to  listen attentively, apologize, accept ‘no’ as an answer, disagree appropriately  and greet others. Etiquette and manners are taught so children understand  personal space, table manners, phone etiquette, and internet safety. 

  • Household Management: Childcare positions may add household  management responsibilities including schedule management, food  preparation, cleaning, and pet care. This course defines household  management and family assistant responsibilities, provides examples of  weekly meal and activities schedules, and reviews the basic skills of cleaning,  doing laundry, and sewing. 

  • Special Diets: This course discusses the impact a diet has on overall health,  reviews common types of food allergies in children and teaches how to read  labels and make healthy dietary choices. 

  • Caring for Pets: Most families have a pet so this course teaches how to meet  a new dog, how to identify medical emergencies in a dog or cat and reviews  daily care for dogs and cats. 

  • Leadership Development Series: The optional leadership development series teaches self-awareness, how to identify your core values, how to be  accountable and maintain ownership, and provides tools to help you define  and understand your work style as well as the work style of others. The series  teaches you how to give and get feedback and provides resources to build  consistency and execute a professional development plan 







  • Successfully demonstrate skills and critical steps 

  • Min. 75% mark for written knowledge evaluation 

  • Attend and participate in 100% of the course 


  • Adults – ages 18+ 

  • Prior experience working with children 

  • Completion of the foundation or intermediate child care training  

Total Tuition & Fees


Time to Complete:

40 hours 



  • Advanced Child Care Diploma 

  • 3-year certification in Standard Child Care First Aid

Completely Online 


Start Date: April 2021